Unique exterior painting

Atelier Antonissen guarantees a high-quality execution of your exterior painting. With a wide variety of painting techniques, we offer a range of options, with one important guarantee: you can enjoy the result for years.

Do you want to hire us for your unique project?

Brilliant outdoor projects

We offer suitable techniques for every type of project. From painting or lime plastering external fa├žades to sanding and painting windows, gutters, eaves, window frames, doors, shutters and garage doors. Quality painting of terraces, fencing, garden houses, verandas and outbuildings are also some of the options.

Sustainable painting

When you invest in exterior painting, you want to enjoy your building for a long time. Our decorators ensure that the result is and stays beautiful. We deliver a perfect and durable end result for your home.

How we work

Getting acquainted

In order to get a good idea about your outdoor project our right from the start, we are happy to visit your home or site to coordinate everything correctly.


Depending on the type of surface, we advise on the best techniques, products and paint.


It is often decided in consultation with the architect when work can start. However, it is important to contact us as early as possible in the design phase, as certain techniques require a specific foundation.


Our decorators work quickly, meticulously and in an orderly manner. We ensure that the area around the property is left tidy after completion of the works.


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